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Historical Background

Barangay Signal Village is a vibrant community, which was established on June 8, 1964 and was reinforced on January 25, 1965 by Gen. Alfredo Santos. The pioneering residents were mostly enlisted personnel from four major commands of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, who were relocated in this area (EM’s Signal Barrio) from UP Compound, Diliman, Quezon City with the assistance of Signal Service Battalion of the Philippine Army by then Chief of Staff Gen. Romeo Espino. Civilian residents were also included in the relocation.

Civic-minded female inhabitants who were mostly wives of military personnel formed an association and petitioned then President Diosdado Macapagal to separate Signal Village from military reservation. The group requested that the land be distributed to all actual residents of the barrio.

President Macapagal issued Proclamation No. 462 dated September 28, 1965 declaring the area and its environs AFP EM’s Village. Unfortunately, such proclamation was never implemented but still in effect. It was later learned that parts of the area were divided to FTI, Maharlika Village, and Veterans area.

On January 7, 1986, President Ferdinand E. Marcos signed Presidential Proclamation No. 2476 segregating this portion of land stipulated under R.A. 274 and R.A. 730 from the Fort Bonifacio Military Reservation and awarded the same to the bonafide and actual residents.

On October 16, 1987, with the support of Atty. Dante O. Tiñga, President Corazon C. Aquino issued Presidential Proclamation No. 172 adding to the former decree the words “without public bidding”. Out of the three barangays within the proclaimed area, Signal Village is the biggest with an area of 160 hectares more or less.

Upon the creation of this village, as disciplined military men they improved their area and as a continuing endeavor they are determined to finish all their work and they struggle making this community a better place to live until it became a well-developed community.

In 1998, this barangay was awarded as one of the Most Outstanding Barangay of Taguig, and barangay Chairman Atty. Henry I. Dueñas was awarded as the Most Outstanding Barangay chairman.

Today, Signal Village was divided into four barangays, Central Signal Village (originating barangay), Katuparan, North Signal Village, and South Signal Village, through the Taguig City Ordinace No. 61, Series of 2009.


Physical Information

Barangay Central Signal Village is bounded on the north by North Signal Village Pinagsama; to the East by Lupang Katuparan, Hagonoy; to the South by South Signal Village; and part of Western Bicutan to the West.

Total Land Area (in hectares): 77.00 Hectares (770,000 sq.m)
Barangay Category: Urban
Land Classification: Landlocked
Barangay Location: Commercial
Total Population: 39, 674 inhabitants (2015 PSA Census)
46,695 (Barangay Nutrition Council Census 2019)
Total Number of Household: 7,000

Political Information

Legal Basis of Creation : Taguig City Ordinance No. 60 Series of 2008
Date of Plebiscite/Ratification : December 2008
Number of Precincts : 150 Clustered Precincts (as of May 2019)

Hazard Profile

Physical Attributes:

1.1 Slope characteristics : Moderate to heavy rolling terrain
1.2 Physiography : 60% hilly 40% flat land
1.3 Flood intensity : Moderate in low-lying area
1.4 Earthquake risk : Bisected by the West Valley Faultline (Philvolcs)
1.5 Water bodies : Presence of a meandering creek line


To the North : Part of Brgy. North Signal and Brgy.Pinagsama
To the South : Part of Brgy. South Signal and Brgy.Lower Bicutan
To the East : Part of Brgy Hagonoy and Brgy.New Lower Bicutan
To the West : Part of Brgy. Western Bicutan


Barangay Layout : Western portion of Taguig City
Number of Zones : 9
Land Use : Military reservation converted to residential through
Presidential Proclamation No. 172 dated 1987.
Distance from Barangay to
Taguig City hall : 6 kms.
Approx. Time of travel to City hall : 20 – 30 minutes
Means of transportation : Private cars, taxis, tricycles, motorcycles
Soil : Adobe type
Climate : Dry and Rainy

Fiscal Information

Barangay Central Signal Village is a residential and commercial area. There are no major commercial establishment or factories. Only small and medium scale business abounds with about 40 % in the sari-sari store category.
The main sources of income of the barangay are generated from the real property taxes and community tax.

Barangay Government

Barangay Vision

“A Community that maintains Peace and Order, pursue the ideals of a free and democratic society, implement basic health services, protect the children, develop and educate the youth, respect the rights of men and women, take good care of the elders, from the grass-roots to the highest level of our society”.

Barangay Mission

“To establish a vibrant community, dedicated towards a Harmonious, Peace-Loving, Economically stable citizenry, with spiritual guidance of the Almighty God”.

Barangay Goal

“Making our Barangay Central Signal Village in step with modern technology, up to date peace keeping paraphernalia’s and equipment’s, ever compliant to the environmental laws, opening up a friendly business-barangay harmony, and keeping up the socio-economic condition of our constituents, while maintaining a healthy and energetic community”.


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